3R Pyrolysis - bio-phopsphate - Nutrient Recovery - Agro-Biotech Field Demo Center

“3R Pyrolysis” Center for Phosphorus recovery,  biomass valorization, renewable energy, and innovative agricultural biotechnology demo - training

Operational field: from advanced applied science to economical scale up and industrialization of pyrolysis, solid state fermentation, agrobiotech and synfuel technologies

The 3R zero emission pyrolysis and nutrient recovery center combines  applied science, industrial engineering and practice. 3R-BioPhosphate Ltd. is the owner of the fully permitted industrial site in West Hungary at Biofarm Agri Research Station (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/wHxmZ7J1ChJ2 ), which is dedicated to innovative and advanced agricultural, environmental and industrial technology field demonstrations under different EU programmes.

The specific works include zero emission pyrolysis technology (carbonization, torrefaction) and biomass added value utilization processes, with commercial objective driven production of innovative natural BioPhosphate recovered organic fertilizer products. The field demonstration of the advanced 3R design and innovative technology is bridge over practical science with clear industrial application orientation, engineered scale up design development and economical commercialization. The 3R site installation and operations are Authority permitted, including official Authority permit for specific BioPhosphate production and application for open ecological soil environment use.