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Mr. Edward Someus (inventor, owner)

Swedish environmental engineer with core competence of organic waste added value recycling and valorization by pyrolysis, carbon processing and reuse applications. Born 1951; education: University of Lund in Sweden (1972 - 1978), graduated in 1978, M.Sc., Natural and Environmental Sciences.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: renewable energy/clean technology/environment/food industrial and agriculture by-products management/bio-energy. Combining high level of scientific knowledge with industrial engineering and field applications, specializing in the: research, technical development, engineering, permitting, industrial applications and implementation of the zero emission carbon refinery, low temperature carbonisation and pyrolysis technology, for recycling and reuse of carboniferous materials by integrated thermal/biotechnological means.


Edward Someus is a Swedish environmental engineer from the University of Lund, with +30 years core competence and specialization on biochar science and technology, industrial manufacturing, product formulations and agricultural field applications under market competitive conditions. Specific zero emission pyrolysis technology developed (“3R” Recycle-Reduce-Reuse technology) for carbon refinery processing and material/nutrient added-value recovery, most importantly Phosphorus, such as extraction of high P2O5 concentrated innovative ABC Animal Bone bioChar organic fertilizer from rendering industrial animal bone by-products.

The work field is covering area from the matured phase of applied research into full industrialization of carbon refinery systems to convert biochar science into legalized and economical industrial practice. The economical biochar processing capacities ranging usually from the small industrial 6500 t/y to medium industrial scale 20,800 t/y throughput capacities.

These biochar development works are based on the EU regulations and Member State legal permits for biochar processing, product safety, accredited analytics and applications for the interest and benefits of SME farmers. Since 2002 Edward Someus is biochar S&T coordinator and key technology designer for large scale EU research projects, involving ten EU countries, including FP7 REFERTIL project 2011-2016 for EU28 standardization and full law harmonization development of the biochar products.

Edward Someus is a member of the EIP-AGRI (run by the European Commission DG Agriculture and Rural Development) Nutrient Recycling Focus Group.

Edward Someus has been selected as a Member of the EU DG Grow-JRC STRUBIAS (struvite-biochar-ash) Expert Group, a sub-class of the Commission Working Group on fertilisers.



TERRA senior management team having capabilities and highly experienced to develop business opportunity in the agricultural raw material recovery sector.

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Terra Humana Ltd. / COMPANY PROFILE (PDF) / 3R Mission

Terra Humana Ltd. is a technology intensive company playing a leading role in zero emission pyrolysis technology engineering, phosphorus recovery and biochar industrial production. TERRA senior management team having capabilities and highly experienced to develop business opportunity in the agricultural raw material recovery sector.


  • ABC (Animal bone BioChar) BIO-PHOSPHATE - recovered and high nutrient dense organic Phosphorus fertiliser
  • Bio-Oil renewable pure energy
  • Adsorbent products for water treatment

Owner, Key Technology Designer:  Edward Someus EuroPass (CV)

Carbon refinery, pyrolysis, Phosphorus recovery; bio-oil & synthetic fuel; biochar, Animal Bone BioChar & carbon biotech formulation; NPK plant nutrient recovery and recycling; carbonization processing of food grade animal biomass by-products (bone meal cat. 3, MBM & PAP cat. 3-2-1); and low moisture content manure from herbivorous animals and agro/forest plant biomass residuals

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Edward Someus (2 years ago)
Edward Someus (2 years ago)
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