The 3R pyrolysis technology generates new resources and added value products.
The 3R zero emission carbon processing understands the language of the Mother Nature and takes lessons from Her.
2-4 years ROI, high return with conservative investment.
Market demanded and wide product adaptation application scenarios.
High added value processing of organic waste.
EU recognized pyrolysis development.
Comprehensive and full scale designed.


Recycling of biomass waste and animal by-products by the advanced 3R pyrolysis technology generates new resources and added value products. Read more…


The 3R industrial pyrolysis process provides safe output market demanded products, targeting carbon negative biochar and bio-energy applications. Read more…


Qualified and solid business partners are searched for market replication and industrialization cooperation of the 3R technology. Read more…


The '3R Pyroylsis and Biochar Group' is a Swedish origin innovative technology development and industrial engineering organization, one of the leading international pyrolysis technology, biochar and carbon-refinery knowledge centres. The ZERO EMISSION pyrolysis process innovation started in the late 80's and the RTD programmes accelerated after 2002, when the European Union started to priority support the development programme. Over the past 20 years the company has taken up a unique leading role in the field of international RTD and industrial engineering activities of pyrolysis, biochar and animal waste high added value valorization, targeting two main product groups:

1 BONE MEAL – to – ORGANIC P FERTILIZER: The raw materials are former foodstuffs of animal origin, such as high Phosphorous content food grade (category 3 and 2) animal bone meal and low moisture content manure from herbivorous animals (poultry, sheep, rabbit, goat, horse). The output products are high quality and high value ABC Animal Bone bioChar  (10,000 t/y) for wide range of organic farming (natural Phosphorus, NPK-C fertilizer,) and environmental (adsorbent) applications including synfuel and green energy bio-fuel.

2 PROCESSED ANIMAL PROTEIN – to – LIQUID BIO-FUEL:  Category 3 and 2 animal waste converted to recycled nitrogen fertilizer and transport quality synfuel - bio-fuel.

We are providing an economical, highly efficient and environmentally safe '3R ZERO EMISSION CARBON REFINERY' pyrolysis technology solution with a unique new perspective for the valorized recycling and reuse of rapidly growing organic waste streams into high added value products. The new 3R pyrolysis technology opens new technical, economical, environmental and climate protection opportunities while providing sustainable solutions for all stakeholders.

We are looking for qualified and solid industrial partner(s) with objective driven determination to make  profitable green tech business with the 3R added value biomass-to-natural fertilizer and/or biomass-to-liquid bio-fuel green energy industrial programmes, resulting high economical outputs even at a short term.

If you have any questions and/or a business proposal for the utilization of this advanced organic waste pyrolysis and biochar processing system, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Welcome to true a partnership. Sincerely,

General manager
3R Environmental Technologies Ltd.


Below are the 3R - EU projects

Successfully finished
Successfully finished
Successfully finished
Successfully finished

3R Pyrolysis - Biochar - Agro-Biotech Field Demo Center

“3R Pyrolysis” Center for renewable energy, biomass valorization and innovative agricultural biotechnology demo - training

Operational field: from advanced applied science to economical scale up and industrialization of pyrolysis, solid state fermentation, agrobiotech and synfuel technologies

3r demo center Polgárdi


The 3R pyrolysis center combines  science, industrial engineering and practice. The 3R pyrolysis technology inventor is the owner of the fully permitted industrial site in West Hungary, which is dedicated to innovative and advanced agricultural, environmental and industrial technology field demonstrations under different EU programmes. The specific works include pyrolysis technology (carbonization, torrefaction) and biomass added value utilization processes, with commercial objective driven production of bone charcoal, biochar and natural Phosphorous / Nitrogen fertilizers.

The field demonstration of the advanced 3R design and innovative technology is bridge over practical science with clear industrial application orientation, engineered scale up design development and economical commercialization.

The 3R site installation and operations are Authority permitted, including official Authority permit for specific biochar production and application for open ecological soil environment use.

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REFERTIL FP7 Project has been started

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EU-Gateway Mission participation

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Eurecan Europen Venture Contest 2010

The 3R Technology has been selected for presentation at the EEVC Investment Forum in Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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  • Bone Char
  • Biochar
  • Recycled Nitrogen Fertilizers
  • Bio-Oil
  • Jet Fuel

Owner, Key Technology Designer:  Edward Someus (CV)

Pyrolysis, torrefaction; bio-oil & synthetic fuel; biochar, bone char & carbon biotech formulation; NPK plant nutrient recycling; carbonization processing of food grade animal biomass by-products (bone meal cat. 3, MBM & PAP cat. 3-2-1); and low moisture content manure from herbivorous animals and agro/forest plant biomass residuals

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We invite all interested to our joint conference of the EU FP7 REFERTIL and FP7 FERTIPLUS projects. Compost and...
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