What is MBM – Meat and Bone Meal?

MBM - meat and bone meal mix is made by “rendering” of categories 1 and 2 ABP materials by processing at 133°C at 2 bars pressure for at least 20 minutes, to ensure partial sanitization (this is considered to be sufficient to eliminate bacteria and viruses but not prions, which prion elimination require processing temperature treatment over 500°C) . The rendered product typically contains about 48–52% high protein content, 33–35% ash, 8–12% fat, and 7-10% moisture. The MBM rendering process produces energy or the products are taken in energy-production installations authorized to take these categories of Animal By Products for energy conversion. Meat and Bone Meal Ash is produced by high temperature incineration/calcination treatment of MBM in a heat process conform to the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU Incineration Directive) Article 6 = conditions of incineration at minimum 850°C for at least 2 seconds, TOC (total organic carbon) in ash powder <3%. These conditions ensure complete elimination of all pathogens. MBM is used for energy.